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Can you sell a property without using a Real Estate agent? Yes.

Are there ways to make the process easier and more effective? There are so many things that can help a home-owner sell their home on their own to avoid paying commission- and that’s what this site is designed to do.

MeSellingMyHome.com site is sponsored and maintained by an award-winning Canadian real estate agent and marketing consultant who doesn’t mind sharing his tips, ideas and techniques to help anyone interested in selling on their own.

All the tips, ideas and techniques included in the FREE e-book widely used throughout the real estate industry but the book show’s which lays out the most effective techniques and tells you how to use them.  It’s actually become easier to sell property personally now then it was 15, 10 or even just 5 years ago.

There are so many marketing avenues under utilized by home owners selling their own home.

There are advertising mediums available today that weren’t available prior, and just as important, there are thing to do during the sale process that “loosen the pockets” of home buyers and investors. There are also “scams” to be aware before venturing out on your own.

I believe if you want to sell your home on your own, without a real estate agent, you can and should do it with little or no cost. Don’t pay a “for sale by owner help site” they do very little. I won’t mention names or brands but typically these company’s present themselves as, or try and appear to be comparable systems to the local MLS – but in actual comparison, they offer practically zero value.

In my ebook I demonstrate exactly why these “for sale by owner”
are useless and overpriced. Avoid them at all cost and I’ll tell you why?

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