avoid scams when selling your home

Understand what really helps and where to avoid wasted costs.

If you are planning to sell your home on your own it’s important to know the different between services that help and service that offer very little value.  If a service is free and it gets your property in front of more people use it – that’s value – use as many as you can. If a service costs money it’s important to ascertain whether the value exceeds the cost.

There are number of “for sale buy owner” company’s that charge up front to assist in selling your home. I’ve researched the majority of these companies and in relation to cost value is very low.

compare value mlsThese companies appear to be a valuable option but the cost is high, value is low and they charge up front (payment even if your house doesn’t sell). These companies compare their service to an MLS listing but they focus on what sellers imagine is the most important variable – price. Most sellers don’t compare the value or services provided – they imagine those are equal – and focus on which service is cheapest.

Did you know that 85% of homes, first listed on a “for sale by owner” help site, are later sold by a real estate agent? This shows the sites aren’t effective and because you pay up front, you don’t get your money back if your home doesn’t sell… If 85% of homes listed on “for sale by owner” sites require later listing to sell professionally you’ll have spent more money by the time you home does finally sell.

This blog www.mesellingmyhome.com will focus on effective ways of selling your home on your own without up front fees. The idea is to save yourself money, not spend more ;-).